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GAMSAT Preparation Courses

We offer GAMSAT Preparation Courses that go one step further in ensuring you get the attention and personalised approach you need – to help YOU achieve success! 

Our classes are taught in small individualised groups where you are guided by a personal coach and mentor. 

About Our GAMSAT Courses

Our GAMSAT preparation courses have been guiding students in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney for over 14 years to achieve top scores in GAMSAT and realize their dream of a rewarding career in Medicine and allied Heath care.
In these last 14 years, we have had students from various backgrounds. including Nursing, Medical Science, Oral Hygiene and Pharmacy. Many of our students have no background in Science.
Our GAMSAT preparation courses can be tailor-made to suit each student’s individual requirements and learning aptitudes.
Our GAMSAT preparation courses are updated after every GAMSAT to reflect the ever-changing trends of the questions in the exam.
As a result, our students consistently achieve top scores in the GAMSAT within the 90% percentile.

GAMSAT September 2022 Preparation Courses

Join our LIVE Interactive Science and English Courses – STREAMED ONLINE

Comprehensive Courses for GAMSAT

Our Comprehensive courses cover both Science and English concepts for Section I, II and III of the GAMSAT

Science - only Courses for GAMSAT

Our Science courses cover the key Science concepts and strategies for Section III of the GAMSAT

English - only Courses for GAMSAT

Our English courses cover the key English concepts and writing skills for Section I and II of the GAMSAT

70% of our Students recieved a score above 90% in GAMSAT March 2022.

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