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GAMSAT Preparation Courses

We offer GAMSAT Preparation Courses that go one step further in ensuring you get the attention and personalised approach you need – to help YOU achieve success! 

Our classes are taught in small individualised groups where you are guided by a personal coach and mentor. 

About Our GAMSAT Courses

If you’re looking to prepare for the GAMSAT exam and want a tried and tested route to success, our GAMSAT preparation courses are the perfect fit for you. Not only do we have an impressive track record of guiding students to achieve top scores in GAMSAT, but we also pave the way for potential students to lead a fulfilling career in the field of Medicine and Allied Health Care.

We truly pride ourselves on being attuned to the individual needs of our students regardless of their educational backgrounds. Using our extensive experience, our courses are updated after every GAMSAT to incorporate the latest trends and make sure that our students are well prepared and equipped for success on exam day.

Our students consistently achieve top scores in GAMSAT, and these impressive results reflect our dedication and expertise. With over 15 years of experience, we’ve guided countless students in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney to success. Join us today, and let us help you to achieve the top results you deserve.

75% of our Students recieved a score above 90% in GAMSAT September 2023.

GAMSAT March 2024 Preparation Courses


Join our LIVE Interactive Science and English Courses – STREAMED ONLINE

Comprehensive Courses for GAMSAT

Our Comprehensive courses cover both Science and English concepts for Section I, II and III of the GAMSAT

Science - only Courses for GAMSAT

Our Science courses cover the key Science concepts and strategies for Section III of the GAMSAT

English - only Courses for GAMSAT

Our English courses cover the key English concepts and writing skills for Section I and II of the GAMSAT

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GAMSAT Preparation

GAMSAT Preparation Finding a Plan It’s no mystery that the GAMSAT is a daunting exam. The overwhelming amount of content to memorise, the unexpected nature

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Our Testimonials

Preparation For GAMSAT

So, you are considering taking the GAMSAT. There are some challenges and specific requirements of the GAMSAT. The core motive of GAMSAT is to test a person’s capacity for comprehension as well as to analyze the graphical and textual information which is presented. It assesses the test taker’s analytic skills, ability to draw logical conclusions about the problem, and how well can form a judgment. It also tests skills and knowledge that has been gathered over a long period. To gain proper preparation, some applicants might choose to undertake an undergraduate degree in Science. In GAMSAT, students must choose a GAMSAT Preparation Course that can provide the correct balance between theory and practice questions to help achieve their desired GAMSAT score.  

Students preparing for the GAMSAT frequently devote endless hours to trying to master the abilities they will need to perform their best in the GAMSAT. The biggest hurdle, students face, is how should they get started with their GAMSAT preparation, and how to balance their preparation with Uni work or their paid employment. There are a number of GAMSAT preparation courses available, but our GAMSAT Preparation course stands out because we are able to provide individualized guidance in one on one sessions. This is just one of the many ways we step in to support you in reaching your goals with the GAMSAT

Our GAMSAT Tutors

Swathi K
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For the past three years, I have assisted students with Sections I and II of the GAMSAT. For Section I classes, I have created content. I have a bachelor's in English literature. In March 2019 and March 2020, I took the GAMSAT. In March 2019 and March 2020, respectively, my Section I and II GAMSAT scores were 86 and 90, and 84 and 92. I'm a medical student at the University of Sydney right now.
Caroline C
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I offer GAMSAT Section I and II tutoring to students. At the University of Western Sydney, I teach law. The GAMSAT was completed by me in September 2021. I scored 93 on Section I of the GAMSAT and 88 on Section II. I'm a corporate law doctoral candidate.
Marguerete T
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In March 2017, I gave the GAMSAT a go. I scored 82 on Section I of the GAMSAT and 93 on Section II. Since December 2017, I have assisted students with Section II of the GAMSAT. Later this year, I'll finish earning my medical degree from the University of Notre Dame. I earned a journalism degree with honors.
Zac D
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I'm a physics major with an honors degree in applied science. In March 2019, September 2019, and March 2021, I took the GAMSAT. In March 2021, I received a Section III GAMSAT score of 92. I assist students with the GAMSAT's Section III. I'm finishing up my medical school coursework at the University of Sydney.
William T
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At the University of Sydney, where I am presently a medical student, I took the GAMSAT in September 2020 and March 2021. My Section III score increased from 85 in September 2020 to 92 in March 2021. I have a science undergraduate degree with a chemistry emphasis. I provide instruction to students on science ideas for Section III of the GAMSAT.

GAMSAT Tutoring

In Australian Universities, a large proportion of medical school applications are rejected because the GAMSAT score of applicants is below the cut-off for that year.  But now, you need not worry because, with the assistance of our experienced tutors, your GAMSAT scores can improve and reach well over 70%. It is a common experience to see students practicing a whole lot of questions but not achieving their desired score in the GAMSAT. In our GAMSAT  preparation courses, our tutors will help you with the tricks and techniques required for answering various types of GAMSAT questions which will be instrumental in getting good GAMSAT scores as well as significantly improving your current GAMSAT score. All of our GAMSAT tutors are experienced educators with a prominent record of GAMSAT achievement. They will be your mentors, friends, and instructors, to whom you can ask any question at any time. We also provide homework schedules, exam preparation advice, and frequent updates on your progress. Now if you have chosen to take the GAMSAT. Let us assist you through the difficult path that lies ahead to your success.