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“I would highly recommend Acamedica Coaching to anyone preparing for the GAMSAT, irrespective of their professional or educational background. In my case, I had not studied any science subjects at university but felt that I had a strong foundation in English and humanities. By the end of the course, I could not believe how far I had come with respect to my science preparation. I believe that Mayank personalised approach to teaching the science content brought me up to speed much faster and more efficiently than if I had tried to learn the content on my own. I also took the English course for good measure, and was surprised at how much I took away from it given that I was already confident in that area, especially with respect to the essay preparation. There are obviously quite a few providers of GAMSAT preparation products to choose from, but to my knowledge none of them give you the face to face classroom time that Acamedica provides, and in my opinion that is where the real value lies. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, Mayank will give you all the attention and time you need to get where need to be.”

Andrew Z.GAMSAT score 76 Year – 2013

As opposed to other more condensed preparation courses, Acamedica is the only GAMSAT preparation course that offers comprehensive tutoring in Science and English over the period of time (3 months for English and 6 months for Science) I felt was required to achieve the mark I wanted. I have a non-Science background and had three months to prepare for my first attempt at the GAMSAT. Although Mayanks Science course typically runs for 6 months he took me on as a student and condensed the course to cover all material in 3 months. In the final month before the exam, I was attending Acamedica up to 5 times per week which speaks loudly to Mayank commitment to his students. I scored 66 overall with 70 in Science. I have since re-sat and raised my overall score to 69 with 74 in Science. These scores would certainly not have been possible in the timeframes I had without Mayanks guidance and access to his extensive knowledge of the material covered by the GAMSAT

John F.GAMSAT score 69 Year – 2014

I took the GAMSAT training on both English and Science, and it was very good. I have never taken GAMSAT before, this course gave me a solid understanding on the knowledge basis tested in the exam. English is my second language and I received 57 for session I. Science course was particularly helpful as it offered both clear explanations on the concepts as well as plenty of practices, and I received 75 for session III. I hightly recommend this course for either first time GAMSAT taker or people who want to improve their marks. In the end of the course, the mock exams also helped me get used to the exam condition.

Jing Y.GAMSAT score 64 Year – 2014

“Mayank is an extremely thorough and highly knowledgeable tutor who helped me get a very respectable score of 67 in the GAMSAT in my first attempt. He, with his experience, was able to clarify all the fine concepts of science required in the examination. He takes personal and careful interest in his students progress and provides regular and valuable feedback. He further helped me with its application where his technique of using day-to-day examples was very effective. Therefore, my strong advice to all GAMSAT test takers is that Mayank is the right person to help you get an excellent score in the GAMSAT examination.”

David K. GAMSAT score 67 Year – 2009

Studying with Acamedica Coaching really gave me a lot of confidence. Id never studied science before, even at high school and I remember looking at an ACER sample paper being completely overwhelmed. Mayanks experience with science, medicine and GAMSAT immediately set me at ease. He gave me a framework for what I needed to cover. Mayank worked through concepts patiently and thoroughly, and set me up to engage in my own independent learning between our coaching sessions. Im glad I started working with Acamedica Coaching early on. This really gave me the time to absorb the underlying principles and understand the relationships that connect the individual sciences into a whole system. It gave me time to apply what Id learnt, and start doing practice questions sooner. I felt in control on the day of the GAMSAT. Coaching had a big part to play in this. And the end results are all I could have hoped for. Thanks Mayank!

Scott M. GAMSAT score 77 Year – 2010

“Mayank was a dedicated and extremely thorough tutor who made a very admirable personal investment in the success of his students which I found to be very refreshing and motivating. His program and the study he directed me towards was wholistic detailed and accessible enough to fill the void of my almost complete lack of general science knowledge when I started the program I had no background in chemistry biology or physics. However, by the time Gamsat came along and we had completed the program, science was my strongest section and ultimately secured me an interview at Sydney UniI would highly recommend Acamedicas program to people from any background wishing to improve their performance in SIII of the Gamsat as Mayank is knowledgeable and experienced enough to cater to those well versed in science as well as those who struggle to remember which ones the electron.”

Michael B.GAMSAT score 65 Year – 2010

“Mayank is a very sincere and dedicated teacher. He helped me with the GAMSAT examinations in 2005 and all his hard work certainly proved to be very useful to me in achieving a high score in the science section of the GAMSAT. I had a commerce background and had no help or ideas about the science expected in the examination. But, with Mayanks dedicated help I was able to gain a strong hold on to the concepts required and by the day of the examination the Science section especially chemistry was the strongest topic in the examination. I have no hesitation in stating that Mayank is among the best or probably the best teacher for GAMSAT!”

Abhinav S.GAMSAT score 70 Year – 2012

“Mayank tutored me for approximately 3 months, leading up to the 2009 GAMSAT examination. As I am a student from an Arts background, with very little recent study experience or science knowledge, undertaking a stuctured and comprehensive study plan through tutoring was essential for me to achieve my desired test score. Mayank is an excellent, highly educated and experienced professional who explains concepts in a clear and concise manner and has a high level of general concern for his student well being. This is a rare combination of skills and I would not hesitate in recommending Mayank to anyone who would like to gain entry to Graduate Medicine.”

Bree B..GAMSAT score 55 Year – 2010