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About Acamedica Coaching Specialised GAMSAT Preparation Courses

You’re here because you’re thinking of sitting the GAMSAT. You already know that it is an extremely competitive exam and the stakes are high.

Students often spend countless hours preparing and studying to master the skills they will need to excel in the exam. A lot of work is left up to the individual, and often it is hard to decide where to begin, how to pace your study efficiently, or even how to go about it. Currently, many GAMSAT preparation courses may be available, however many students are limited by the lack of individual support offered in these to really help them to make the most of their study. This is where we come in to help you realise your goals.

Our highly specialized teachers have been preparing students for GAMSAT Science, GAMSAT English and GAMSAT Essays for many years. During this time, they have worked closely with numerous students, helping them achieve their aspirations of getting into Medicine or Dentistry. Over the last few years, our track record has shown that over 85% of our students have succeeded in getting into Medicine on their first attempt, proving that motivation, hard work and a little bit of help goes a long way to achieving your goals.

Past students have gone to study Medicine or Dentistry at Sydney, Melbourne, ANU, Queensland, Flinders and even overseas in the United Kingdom.

Acamedica Coachings specialised GAMSAT preparation courses in GAMSAT Science, GAMSAT English and GAMSAT Essays have been specifically designed with the philosophy of individually tailored learning, within small groups. Our approach helps students to develop the skills and confidence they need to tackle the GAMSAT, whilst also being supported by the ongoing guidance and supervision from a personal coach.

You’ve finally decided to take the GAMSAT. Let Acamedica Coaching’s specialised GAMSAT preparation courses take you step by step through the challenging journey ahead.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Acamedica Coaching provides you with a personal coach to help you tackle the GAMSAT. The advantage is that a coach can help to clarify and explain concepts through a structured Science and English course, as well as teach you to apply them to GAMSAT style questions. Further, a coach provides with feedback on your level of progress and will tailor personalised solutions to help you ace the GAMSAT Science and English sections.

Lectures introduce and explain science concepts thoroughly to the student. Group discussions follow to help consolidate student understanding. Questions and answers help to gauge student comprehension and application of subject areas. Personalised monitoring of individual progress through frequent examinations and homework, aid in keeping tab of student progress and enable strengthening of student weak areas. Sessions are conducted in small groups of a maimum of 5 students and personal feedback on individuals progress is regularly given.

The science syllabus has been designed to cover GAMSAT science, including first year university studies of Chemistry and Biology, as well as Year 12 Physics. We follow a detailed syllabus and lecture plan which is provided to the students at the commencement of the course.

That is fine. Acamedica Coaching teaches both students with a basic understanding of science concepts and those who want to improve on their science in the GAMSAT. Acamedica Coaching specifically focuses on improving science knowledge and its application irrespective of the student’s background.

It is highly advisable to enrol early to ensure you get a place and a suitable session for the course. Enrolments are on a first come, first served basis, and places are limited and confirmed by an an intial deposit which covers two weeks of the course. However, if you would like to reserve a place by enrolling, then later change your mind, we are more than happy to refund the complete amount back to you, provided you inform us by at the least 7 working days prior to the start of that course session.

Yes this should not be a problem, you will need to inform us in advance, and we will endeavour to accommodate you back into the other allotted classes running during the week, that correspond to your level of learning so you miss as little as possible content in the course.

The standard rate which Acamedica Coaching currently charges is $50 an hour, which is below most industry standards today. In addition to our reduced standard rate, a discount is given to those who decide to pay via monthly instalments, and a further considerable discount is given for upfront prepayment of the entire course. We also offer a two week trial period, so students can decide for themselves if they want to commit and continue for the rest of the course.

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